Salvador Dali’s home in Spain

Here is a tour of the home once belonged to the famed Surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. The beautiful house sits along the Costa Brava in northern Spain, in the little seaside village of Portlligat. The structure started off as a small fisherman’s hut but Dalí slowly transformed it into an abode that is uniquely his own.

Author Joseph Pla described the house this way: “The decoration of the house is surprising, extraordinary. Perhaps the most exact adjective would be: never-before-seen. I do not believe that there is anything like it, in this country or in any other…. Dalí’s house is completely unexpected…. It contains nothing more than memories, obsessions. The fixed ideas of its owners. There is nothing traditional, nor inherited, nor repeated, nor copied here. All is indecipherable personal mythology…. There are art works (by the painter), Russian things (of Mrs. Gala), stuffed animals, staircases of geological walls going up and down, books (strange for such people), the commonplace and the refined, etc.”


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